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8199 Clairemont Mesa Blvd

San Diego, CA 92111

Tel : 858-503-6786

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Can we bring the kids?

Bring the kids!

The only time we restrict children are on Special Events and Fight Nights when the age limit is 21 or older and the Bullpen is filled to capacity.

Contact us to find out when these events are happening.

Just remember that the Bullpen IS a Sports Bar and the fans like to "Cheer" for their team.

I have a large group or get together planned what should I do? 

Fill out this Contact Us form with the following details;


  • Time and date

  • The number of people in your party

  • Seating arrangements if any

  • Special Food Requests*

  • Audio/Video**

  • Payments: One bill or separate checks

* You can pre-order your food so that when your party arrives, we will have it ready for you to enjoy. Check out our Online Menu Let us know if you will required special food preparations.

** We can help you set up Audio/Video for your events. 

We will contact you ASAP!

Do You Deliver?

The Bullpen Bar and Grill does not provide delivery services.

Delivery services are provided by third party vendors so you can order from our menu and it will be delivered to your location. 


We do provide walk-in pick-up service so please call us to make an order.

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